Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clothes Blowing In The Breeze

I love seeing clotheslines, with their wavy lines of clothes, pants billowed out in the wind.

I love it! It whispers of summer and sunshine and industrious housework, and as much as I hate housework, I adore the satisfaction I have when the job is done and my house shines like the top of Chrysler building.

For years and years, about 12 to be exact, I have wanted a clothesline. When we lived in our rental 12 years ago, we had one and I used it all summer long. I loved the way the clothes smelled after hanging outside, I loved the way the dryer did not heat up the house making our little brick home into an oven, I loved being "green". Then we bought our own house and a clothesline just never got put up.

In our second house, same thing. Every early summer, I see clothes on a clothes line and I think I need one too. Where should I put it? Where will it get the most sun, the least amount of tree gunk, and not ruin how much my husband likes his lawn? All of those seem to be impossible to determine, but this year, I do not care. I am doing it.

Of course, so far this summer hasn't had too much sunshine, but that is beside the point. There are sunny days, and when that elusive sun does shine, I want my pants and shirts and sheets and towels to be out there, catching the rays and living the good life.

And yes, darling husband, I have a place I'd like it. And no, darling daughter, I won't hang our unmentionables out. Is everyone happy? I know I will be!

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  1. I so want a clothesline! Especially with our full sun backyard. With all of B.'s crazy green ideas, you think this would be a no brainer!