Monday, June 28, 2010

Dog Fur Central

I had no idea how much dog fur a third dog would add to our house. The two Beagles shed fur, especially right now as they loose their winter coat, but it is nothing to compared to a Pomeranian Dachshund mix.

I swept the floors on Friday, but never got around to mopping. So I swept the floors again yesterday morning and mopped the heck out of all the downstairs rooms.

This morning I picked up a stray safety pin on the floor and noticed the living room is coated with a fine layer of dog fur. Again.

When I sweep, the mound of fur in the dust pan is staggering. We could build another dog with what we find.

It seems a shame to be so wasteful throwing out perfectly fine, only slightly used dog fur.... Maybe I'll start making dog fur sweaters. Not sure how it's done exactly, but I have plenty of fur to experiment with.

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