Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J Is For Jam, Jar, Jet, Jelly, Jem

I avoided the game of Scrabble as a young person because I am a terrible speller.  Actually, I am a great speller.  I know when I'm spelling a word wrong....I just can't figure out how to spell it right!  I am often amazed that I can read (and read voraciously) because I do not understand phonics.  My daughter can attest to this: she recently tried to get me to make the sounds certain letters make and I literally could not.

But somewhere along the way of life, my husband and I got a Scrabble game and started playing.  When it's just him and I, in a good sport, fun times game, I will ask him if I'm spelling a word right before I lay it out.  Clearly, this is not a cut throat kind of game!

The letter I hate getting is "J".  I can only think of words like Jam, Jar, Jet, Jelly, and Jem.  I know.  Jem isn't right.  And really, I am thinking of Gem.  I'd rather get a Q or an X than to see the letter J.  The problem seems to be I can not think of a word that J is in other than the first letter.  And of those words, they are all very short and very little points.

I'm not sure why my husband even plays Scrabble with me......Actually, I do.  He usually has the most points (let's not get into labels of 'winner' or 'loser') and we usually laugh the whole time we play.

Now, Rummy, on the other hand.  I'll cut him with the cards if I think I'm losing.  We tend to not play that anymore!


  1. I like the non-cutthroat version of Scrabble. We play that you can check the dictionary first because we like learning new words while we play. To real Scrabble fanatics, it is sacrilege.

  2. I'm not very good at board games - - especially those that require me to use my brain :)

  3. I love playing the the Words With Friends version of Scrabble. And I love getting the J. It's worth 10 points, I think. I just move it all around the board and add letters until I come up with something that works. Much better than Scrabble. I actually stand a chance to win!

    Funny post! It's nice to meet yo, Michelle. I see you're married to a Coastie! How fun! I'm a new follower via the A to Z. Come on by and say hi sometime!

  4. Great post for the Letter 'J'. Your 'J' words work Just fine for scrabble. To make a longer a bit of chess...that is set yourself up with the word FISH... it's an AhHa moment? I love scrabble...I'm competitive...bring on the letter 'J'. Thanks for stopping by CITexas Gal for my 'Dear John' post. See ya again soon...Sue

  5. we sound alike---terrible at scrabble, great at cards!!

  6. Jem is truly outrageous! (Do you remember that cartoon?)
    I hate Scrabble. I can always think of fabulous words that use up all my letters except one and give me no points and then my opponent will play a 2-letter word that's worth like 100 points.

    1. I LOVED that cartoon! Jem and the Holograms....good times!