Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O Is For Only

I was the only one in the car tonight
I walked my only self into the store
Only I pushed the cart
I was the only one drooling over candy bars
I only had one car door to unlock

When the kids were small
I was never only
Trips to the store were epic adventures

I missed the old days tonight
As I drove home
Only one.


  1. Being only one is not a pleasant situation as I can speak from expereience.
    Great post.


  2. these are hard days as far as the grocery store visits go--been there :)

  3. This was a powerful compact post! Enjoy life, family, and people every day is my motto.

  4. Trust me, Michelle. Depending on your perspective (mine), "only" would be wonderful (at least for a short time)!!

  5. I was following a young mom out of the store, and watching her try to push the cart and keep two little guys in line, made me a smidge nostalgic! I came home to joyous greetings from my teenagers (and snores from my super tired husband!), and my son pushed the mound of dog toys next to him off the couch and said, "here's a spot for you, mom," and the niceness of having older kids was brought back to me a hundred times over!

  6. You can borrow mine any time! I was just thinking I needed to go to Target, am I willing to go with all 3? Hmm.....

  7. So few words but you almost made me cry. My children are only young but already I see them asserting their independence and I realise time is passing us by so quickly!

  8. Mine are all grown-ish, but it's still pretty rare for me to go the store alone. Whether it's for home or for work, there's usually at least one tagger-alonger, often more.