Saturday, April 14, 2012

M Is For Music

My children's voices are music to my ears
Out of tune piano keys fall unheeded on my tone deaf ears
But their laughter is pitch perfect
Beatles and White Stripes tunes drift down our stairs
Their bedroom doors open across the hallway
Talking and laughing and occasionally shouting
All in good fun and merriment
I am a fan of so many genres of music
But my favorite by far is the sound of their friendship.


  1. I thought this wonderful, took me back to when my own three were young.

    Yvonne via A to Z Challenge.

    1. Thanks! I've been blessed with two kids who actually like each other and rarely fight. I do not take it for granted!

  2. Nice, I like it for sure. Yes the sound of friendship is the best!

    1. I remember when my son would race in to hang on his baby sister's crib at the first sound of her waking up for her nap. By the time I got in, she was giggling and happy to see his face and he was beaming with pride that he could make her laugh....and 15 years later, it's still pretty much the same.

  3. This is lovely. :)

    Hope you're enjoying the A-Z Challenge!

  4. Sounds like an excellent tune, to be sure.