Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Chocolate Birthday

I make a darn good chocolate cake.  It's a simple recipe, that comes together quickly and bakes up in about 35 minutes, and it's pretty popular with family members, but maybe none more than my nephews!

I made a cake for today's celebration of 7 years, and next Sunday, I will make another cake for a celebration of 5 years.  While I was cutting slices of cake today, and I had a line of nephews holding paper plates, waiting (not quite patiently, but it is chocolate cake...who wants to be patient when cake is at hand?), the youngest little guy is making plans for his Oh-Cho chocolate cake June.

That's how good it is!  He's got some now, but he's already looking forward to more!


  1. So is it a secret recipe or can you share???!

  2. Can I have a piece? Please?! Or you know, a whole cake, I won't mind.

  3. Sounds yummy. And isn't it nice when you have a fairly easy recipe they appreciate?