Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adventures In Motherhood

This weekend feels like one big adventure in motherhood.  I sent my son and four of his buddies off on a spring break camping trip, without adults and with a hatchet and matches and food that could spoil if not cold enough, in our family car, with him driving.

I smiled, kissed him on the check, and stood in the driveway waving goodbye as they drove off....

And came inside and stopped pretending to be totally calm and worry free.  I worried they hadn't packed enough jackets or water or forks, and the only thing I insisted on them taking was tylenol and tweezers.  Splinters are plentiful in the mountainous wilderness, in my opinion!

I also watched my daughter walk downtown to meet a boy to just 'hang out'......

My heart was in my throat for both of those moments of letting go.  Just another motherhood adventure, one of a million steps we've done together, one of a million more to come!


  1. Oh my. I hope my heart is up to all this growing up business in a few years! Well done mama!

  2. You are a good mother, Michelle! It's hard watching them grow up!!

  3. Yes I worry about them making choices in an adult world, but the joy and excitement I feel when I watch them discover their own strengths and interests far exceeds any worry. It's exciting to me to see my teenagers stretch their wings. Of course, I'm super proud that their hearts are in a good place and they know they can always come home.

    These are good days. Enjoy them

  4. WOW! I'm nervous for you! I can't wait to hear about the camping adventure.

  5. Oh, those milestone moments. They getcha even when ya' see them coming, don't they?