Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking A Moment For Myself

Lately, I have been rushed, run ragged, every morning, trying to get myself ready for work.  Packing my lunch, eating cold cereal breakfast, ironing clothes.

This morning, I woke up after a LONG night of restless sleep.  I am starting to get the cold that everyone has been passing back and forth, from which I had seemed immune, and all during the night I kept waking up because my head hurt or my throat was dry or a weird little cough was percolating.  And when I wasn't dealing with cold issues, every dream I had was centered around vintage glass, which stands to reason since I pretty much fell asleep studying a guide book on that subject.  In my dream I couldn't find my book and couldn't figure out if I the candy dish in my hand was vintage or just junk.  It was a really frustrating night!

I'm not walking to work today, because I have to run some errands right at 5 tonight, so that actually has given me an extra 15-20 minutes to just be me, the old me before I had somewhere to be early every morning.

I got the kids off to school, my hair was halfway to just damp, my clothes were picked out and I knew I did not want cold cereal for breakfast.  The only thing that sounded good was something I hadn't had in ages: two fried eggs and a slice of buttered toast.  I turned on my playlist titled, "Country Songs From My Childhood," and it is as rocking as it sounds.

I sang along to the Oak Ridge Boys and Mac Davis as I made the most perfect eggs of my life.  When I sat down to eat, the joy I felt over something so simple reminded me that I must take moments for myself.  I'm no good as a mom or a wife when I get cranky and worn down.

Who knew two fried eggs and a slice of buttered toast would be so rejuvenating?  I feel ready to tackle the rest of my day, the rest of my week even!


  1. two fried eggs, buttered toast AND 15 extra minutes! priceless!

  2. That. Sounds so good. Yum!
    Glad you had those fifteen minutes. (:

  3. You are right, you really do need to be able to take care of yourself so you can take care of everyone else. I'm glad the eggs got you through!

  4. Eggs and toast can cure a number of ills. Time to yourself... well... that's magnificent.

  5. Ah, the glory of well-made egg and toast. The simple pleasures...