Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seven Years Ago Today....

We all talk about that moment when we become parents, when we hold our babies in our arms for the first time and feel that undeniable connection that fiercely declares, "Mine."

But seven years ago today, I held a baby that wasn't my own, and I felt that same fierce feeling.  There is quite an age difference between my kids and my sister's children, so I had several years to wait until my sisters made me an aunt.....but seven years ago today, I held my sister's son, my nephew, and I was overwhelmed with love and joy and this amazing sense of family.

This first born nephew has the honor of changing my name, from Aunt Chelle (because I hated the way Aunt Michelle sounded and asked to have it shortened a smidge) to my beloved name, Oh-Cho.  His version is so much cooler than any nickname I could have ever dreamed up.

Happy Birthday J!  I can't believe you are 7!  It seems like just yesterday we crowded into a hospital room to take turns meeting you.


  1. Congratulations Oh-Cho! Love abounds in family relationships!

  2. I am still waiting for my cool nickname. Maybe the new baby will come up with something cool! Love that you were there for the birth of each of my babies!

  3. Happy Birthday J! And congratulations on being an awesome aunt Oh-Cho!

    1. Or is it just Oh-Cho, sans Aunt?

    2. It is just plain Oh-Cho! Next to "Mom" and "Babe", this is my favorite name to be called!