Monday, March 5, 2012

I Am The Goldilocks

I am the Goldilocks of rubber fingertips.  You see, I have a very strict finger licking rule.  As in, you don't do it. It started years ago with PTA fundraisers.  All those dirty, grimy (lovely, wonderful) dollars were hard to count, but after seeing how my fingers were literally dirty after handling the cash, I could never lick my finger to help unstick the bills.

Fast forward to working in a doctor's office and there is NO WAY I am going to lick my finger, then page through papers that have been in floating around the clinic, picking up all sorts of germs and viruses.

When I started working here, I asked for a rubber fingertip.  I got a box of 12 and they were perfect; the right shape, size, texture and all mine!  I used each one until it wore out and some days when I don't have it on, I get a phantom finger tip pain, as if my finger misses it.

My supply of fingertips was low, so more were ordered.  Carefully checking my current box, and the catalogue and ordering exactly the same ones.

I was giddy to get my box and open it and dashedly disappointed to discover they were too small.  Okay.  Try again.  This time a tape measure was employed to make sure I was ordering the right size.  The new new ones arrived today.

They are too big.

I'm the Goldilocks of rubber fingertips, only in reverse.  It was just right, then too small, then too big.  I'm down to my last one, so I better get the order right next time!


  1. Bummer. :/
    I hope the next ones work out for you, Goldilocks!

  2. I don't have a problem licking my fingers. But once when I was in Venezuela at a post office I licked a stamp to put on a letter . . . the people were HORRIFIED! Little did I know that there were little critters running around on the shelves where the stamps and supplies were kept! Gross!

  3. I love those rubber fingers. I have a box of them at home I hoard and use for various non-finger licking purposes. I am right there with you on the absolute shudder factor of finger licking.

  4. Here's hoping the next box is just right. ;)

  5. Going to order a new one today, so next week hopefully, I will be back in the land of just right!