Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweaty Hands & Queasy Stomach

Dreams and ideas can merge into
One Goal
In that in between step, before it's real
When it's still just newly formed,
It's all excitement
And Joy
And I am giddy
It's the next step 
When the Nerves will hit
I will still jump anyway
Sweating hands and queasy stomach
Questioning my sanity
Catching air with my fingers
The pride I feel 
When I land on solid ground
Is worth all the Nerves

This post inspired by prompt #2 atMama's Losin' It!.



  1. Great writing. I got nervous while reading it...then you are right. It's so better on the other side of fear - after you conquer it.

  2. I so relate to that one! Jump right in with excitement, then the hesitancy and nerves and second guessing. And it always seems to turn out just fine!

  3. Like (love) also! I am doing this prompt for my Mama Kat post this week!

  4. I love this. And need to tape a copy of it somewhere as a reminder that hardly anything ends up being as scary as I think it will.