Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Into It

There is one part of spring that I can really get into.  It is not day light savings time, which I hate.  I get up early, and I really love seeing the sun rise with me.   It's so much easier to go out walking with the dogs when I have some daylight (and less chance of ramming my knee into a trailer hitch).

What I can get into is spring cleaning.  There is something so liberating when you can throw open the doors and push up the windows and sweep out a winter's worth of grime!  I have recently scrubbed my vinyl blinds back to white.  Nothing else, but just that has brightened up the entire kitchen, and let what little sun we are having shine through in a warm glow.

It is pleasing.

But, again, don't look up.  I have yet to dust my ceiling fans or get into the corners of the rooms.  Cobwebs give voice to my haphazard spring cleaning urges!


  1. Ha! I totally feel this way too -- cobwebs, uugh! And I love it when I see people's eyes go up to them, note them, and then look away without saying anything. Part of me thinks this is about being "nice," but also about recognizing the "beam in our own eyes."

  2. Spring seems to have arrived early. My spring cleaning has so far not followed suit, but I'm hoping to get there this weekend. And what is it with cobwebs--how do they get so big, so fast? How do we never notice them when they're itty-bitty?

  3. I can't wait for spring cleaning!
    Time to get the trunk full of stuff for the Salvation Army, and our house looking less capable of being on the next episode of Hoarders.

  4. Oh man, I need to so bad, but IDK when I'm going to have the time. I also have issues with the outside - my gardens are a MESS! UGH!