Saturday, March 24, 2012


Currently my dining room has been taken over by a project.  My table has been pushed to the wall, blocking the side door, and thus requiring a sign with an arrow directing traffic to the front door.  The table itself is piled high with various nick-nacks, crumbled papers and empty plastic bags.

And directly in the middle of the room stand two huge shelves on a large tarp.  I had every intention of painting these shelves more step in the process of getting my house back to rights....

I'd take a picture and share the joy? Horror?  Astonishing wonder that so much stuff can fit into this one room?   But I can't find the camera!


  1. My guess as to whereabouts of camera? Somewhere in underneath the nicknacks and crumbled papers. Or maybe on a bookshelf somewhere? My camera has legs.

    1. It was on the piano. I'd like to think I moved it there but I'm pretty sure (judging by the recent pictures) it was not me!

  2. Our camera has been missing, ever since I put the sheet rock up in the new addition. Annie insists that it got walled up behind the sheet rock. I guess one of our ancestors is going to get lucky!

  3. Or was that one of our descendants? I get so confused. :)