Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where The Big Bad Monsters Lurk

In the  mornings, I will admit, I have been having a bit of a hesitant step as the dogs and I venture out for our walk.  It didn't help that we heard a scary noise in the tree tops or that a bigger dog leaped over it's fence to menace us or that an air compressor firing up sounded like the fiercest growl from the fiercest monster.

It's been so dark and spooky and I have let my imagination get away from me.

Until the other morning, when the girls and I met a nice young lady walking a young pup and I realized I needed to stop worrying about where the big bad monsters lurk....because I've got three of the meanest beasts tethered to my arm.

I am horribly ashamed to say that our girls made that little puppy cower in absolute terror.  And days later when we walked by his home, he ran away and hid at the sight of us.

And yet....while shame does fill a small part of me, I filled the rest with relief.  If the girls scare off other dogs (and puppies), and make the Fed-Ex guy throw our packages onto our porch, I feel safe with them walking next to me.

That is nice to ponder as we are back walking in the dark, darn you daylight savings time!

Insert futile fist shaking at the sky here.


  1. Perfect. Again. (Have I said that already, yet?)

    Many people have their sitcoms and such that they settle down to in the evenings? I have your blog *contented sigh*

    Thanks. Again :)

    1. Thank you! I must say, your comment has made my night!

  2. Wonderful to have bodyguards to keep away the big bad wolf!

    1. They did try to take down a PUD truck today (it was parked in our alley)...they have too much of a pack mentality sometimes!