Saturday, March 3, 2012

All is Right With The World

My floors are swept and mopped and my kitchen rag rug is washed and clean and back in it's place of honor in front of my sink.

Oh how I missed it when I was washing dishes!  I love the feel of it under my feet.  I love how my dogs like to lie there as I work.  I love the colors: the pale yellows and blues with hints of green and white.  I love that when I see the rug, fresh and fluffy and so beautiful, I feel that all is right with the world.

It's almost enough to make me wish I had some more dishes to do!  Almost, but not quite!!


  1. Michelle, I am stopping for a second to say I am happy that all is well in your world. Temporarily, I am being a tad overwhelmed with my entry back in the world I occupied for so many years teaching. My reception has been very rewarding. In the past ten days, my world has expanded outward, as former students are discovering that the guy who used to try and teach them how to write, actually does OK in that regard. My page-views, something that heretofore, I have paid any attention to, have been escalating alarmingly. I topped 400, yesterday, giving my four digits in three days. To this old hippie, it doesn't matter.

    But I am going to use this interest to begin hammering away at Kaiden's college fund. I figure half-a-million ought to do it, and we have 18 years. I have proposed to the community, that if people are interested, (and my "stats" indicate they are) I will start putting my essays out for purchase at a buck apiece, with proceeds going to Kaiden's college fund.
    Big 'tings qwine on here. Great success.

    Though I have become drunk with power, I will never forget the little people, who helped me to the top.

  2. I'm pretty sure there's not a rug (or pretty much anything else) in the world that could make me want to wash extra dishes. :)