Monday, March 12, 2012

And One More For The Troops

I usually write funny things, romantic things, motherhood things, heart-string tugging things, rarely do I take my blog into the realm of politics or religion or any combination thereof.

But after seeing Girl Scouts stand out in the cold rain, asking if anyone would like to buy a box of cookies, and knowing there is a question as to what organization cookie money might be going to, I am going to explain why I still buy a box or to be honest, quite a few more than one.

When my husband was deployed to Kuwait, and the war was starting up in earnest and things were scary as all get out, a Girl Scout troop adopted his unit.  They sent cookies and letters and it made all the guys feel like a part of home was right there in that hot, sandy place.  It's been nine years, but every year when we see Girl Scouts set up their tables and stacks of cookie boxes, my husband talks about how good he felt, how much he appreciated those cookies and all the prayers and well wishes that accompanied them.

Tucked away in his shoe box of letters from home, are letters from a Girl Scout Troop that gave a bright moment in a hard deployment.

So I am going to keep buying cookies.  And buying an extra box to send to our troops, along with all my prayers and well wishes to those soldiers, far from home, needing a little bit of home and kindness.


  1. Plus, their cookies are devastatingly good. Oh.

  2. That is a wonderful story - - anything that can bring a piece of home to our brave men and women out there keeping us safe.

  3. That's a great idea - a Girl Scout troop adopting a unit of soldiers! My daughter used to be in Girl Scouts and that would have been a wonderful project. I'm sure it did mean a lot.

    As for the cookies . . . I say, bring 'em on!

  4. You are hereby and officially adored. I mean, awarded. Here's the link to see what for:

  5. You know, regardless of where the cookie money actually goes, selling cookies does give the individual scouts a sense of accomplishment and, like you said, the scout troops are obviously still doing important and generous things so why not reward them/thank them that way?