Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kisses & Scolds

My mother voice kisses and scolds, scolds and kisses
I raise it loud in praise and warning and encouragement
They teeter on a tightrope cliff edge
Dreaming dreams bigger than I had dreamed for them
Proud of their fierce bravery
Worried I'll need a needle and thread to help them mend
Worried I won't be able to help
They reach for a passing cloud
My heart is in my throat
Kisses and scolds, scolds and kisses: it is all my love

TangledLou challenged fellow bloggers to the "Ten Minute Spill", a writing exercise by Rita Dove.  Write ten lines in ten minutes, include a proverb, quote or saying you have changed in some way, and five of these words: cliff, needle, voice, whir, blackberry, cloud, mother, lick.  I read Papa is a Preacher's post and was so inspired, I had to try it.  Challenge accepted.

Hardest part?  Picking a quote!  I have to thank Pearl S. Buck for her quote of Mothers who kiss and scold together.


  1. This is fantastic. The challenge has been itching in the back of my brain since I saw it over at Periphery. Off to check out Larissa's effort!

    1. Just go ahead and scratch that itch already, Masked Mom!

  2. I too was inspired when I read Larissa's, and yours is fabulous! It, however, would take me ten minutes just to figure out what how/when to use the words and I would panick and give up! Well done!

  3. I'm grinning over here. I'm so glad you tried it Michelle. This is great!

    I hope you two try it too MM & Judy!

  4. Thanks! It was really a lot of fun, a good kind of challenge!

  5. Grr. Blogger ate my comment. I checked this out the other day and I love it so much! I am going to do a round up post here pretty soon & will add everyone's with links. It is fascinating to see how different they all are. So much fun!