Friday, March 16, 2012

Three Knee Strikes, You're Out!

After yesterday's tumble, my knee hurt.  I've had worse scraps, and blogged about them here and here too, but this was a jarring kind of fall, where I felt it from ankle to hip and super felt it in my knee.

This morning, I rolled out of bed, stretched in an extremely soul satisfying way, and decided I would walk the dogs.  Sure, it was pitch dark outside, and you bet our driveway light is burned out never to be replaced, but I would manage to wrangle three dogs into harnesses and leashes without the benefit of sight giving light, and we would walk.

First problem, in the ten minutes I took to wake the kids up and change out of my pajamas, it started to rain.  The dogs were so excited, though, I decided a little bit of rain was fine.  Second problem, the wind.  It was cutting right through my layers of clothing like they were butter and it was a red hot knife.  Since I am no wimpy walking babe, I stuck with it.

Third problem, when I went to set the invisible fence collars on the tailgate of the truck (so I'd know right were they were when we stepped back into the land of mild shocksville), I ran right into the tow hitch.

With my hurt knee.

And after skip hopping around in a circle while the dogs tapped out impatience with their little paws, I decided I could to a mile walk.  Rain, wind, cold, pain, nothing compares to the horror of disappointing the girls.

After barely half a block, I knew I wasn't interested in going a mile.  A half mile it was, and boy was I glad to get home! Ice for my knee, hot coffee for everything else, and everyone was satisfied.

Until I got to work and started to scoot myself and my chair in, and rammed my knee into the desk edge.

That's when I went for some pain reliever and a cookie and it felt better.  I'm positive it was the cookie that helped the most!


  1. I have permanent bruising on my knees because of the trailer hitch, I always forget.

  2. Knees: can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em. I always sashay away from your site, with the smile that lasts. I like cookies too.

  3. Aww man!
    Hope they get better soon! And you have no idea how much I admire you for walking. I don't do it. Too lazy. Wish I did though! Instead I stick to indoor exercises. At least it's something.

  4. If you kept the exclamations to "Oh poops" for this day then you are a saintly woman indeed.