Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Broccoli Desire

When I was a kid, broccoli could only be eaten if it was smothered in cheese sauce.  Offer me a plain stalk, and I would zip my lips in refusal.  It was not a veggie I liked on it's own.  But as an adult, I love it.  I love it plain, I love it in a stir-fry, I really love it in a curry.  I just love it.

Tonight we took the kids to a restaurant where you create your own stir fry using your choice of meats, veggies, and noodles.  We all have different styles: I put some chicken in my bowl first, then pile on the vegetables, skipping noodles entirely.

Imagine my horror when I went to the vegetable section and my favorite veggie was missing! There was no broccoli!  Recently my husband said I don't do three things well: improvise, adapt and overcome.  This lack of broccoli is a perfect example of how right he is.

My mind could not process how to build my stir-fry without the key ingredient.  It didn't help that I was starving.  All I could think was a TV show I'd watched where the girl says she knows how to make a scene and that is why she is banned from two restaurants in her hometown.  I too know how to make a scene.....haven't been banned from any place, yet.

Just as my ire was reaching super red ear level (which, side note, if you every see me and my ears are bright red, hide.  It's a sign of irritation!), broccoli was brought out.  I took it all.

In my defense, they only brought out a tiny bit.

And, I just love broccoli!


  1. Stir fry just isn't the same without broccoli. I feel your pain.
    I also find it interesting that you wouldn't touch it without cheese sauce as a kid, but love it now. Perhaps there is hope for my broccoli-shunning children!

  2. My kids grew up without cheese sauce because I thought it was too hard to make! Now I know differently, and will bust it out on special occasions.

  3. Yum! Stir-fry!
    And broccoli! For me broccoli has to be well seasoned. But I eat it. When I was younger I wouldn't touch it because "It looked like trees. And I don't eat trees." My friends however, ate the broccoli but shunned olives which I loved. They said it "Looks like eyes." And we'd always end up in a debate of Trees vs. Eyes.
    Now I eat both. Although I still don't like thinning of olives as eyes.

  4. Huge broccoli fan. Not so much a fan of improvising, adapting and overcoming. Or maybe I'm a support the concept of improvising, adapting and overcoming but I remain horrible at applying it in my own life. :)