Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P Is For Pancakes

Darling Husband,
We miss you when you work long hours
We peek out the windows
We listen for your motorcycle
And never more than tonight

Tonight is pancakes for dinner
I am filling in for your Chef-liness
I can tell you right now
You didn't miss anything

I do not do pancakes as well as you
I burned the bacon too
The kids said the pancakes were good
But they only ate two
And we threw away (yes, threw away)
Perfectly scorched bacon

The dogs appreciated the plentiful batter
For a puppy pancake or five

I give up on pancake cooking
Regular pancakes, that is
I still rock the heck out of Swedish Pancakes
But that is for a dinner a different night


  1. Burnt bacon is a tragedy of astronomical proportions at our house. Hope your honey's schedule eases up soon. :)

  2. so sweet---i can almost taste the pancakes

  3. "But they only ate two." says it all. You didn't say what kind they were, so I will assume they were not blueberry pancakes, because no one can eat just two.

    1. So true, Mark, they were not blueberry pancakes. I did add chocolate chips to two (at the kids request) but that couldn't even save 'em. They were just not quite good!