Thursday, April 4, 2013

D Is For Dust

I'm looking to hire someone to dust my blinds twice monthly.

I hate dusting those vertical slats, with their connecting system of strings and pulleys and so I don't dust them very often and then the sun starts shining with it's brilliant, seeking rays, and finds the layers of dust I've been ignoring in the gloom of winter.

It's terrible and embarrassing and I just can't get motivated to do what I need is someone to come in to do it for me.

I can pay with homemade chocolate chip cookies and coffee strong enough to put hair on your chest.  The only catch is I don't actually have any chocolate chips or coffee, so you'd have to bring them with you, and then you've got yourself a deal!


  1. When you find this person, will you please send them my way? I can pay in cheese. If it isn't all gone by the time they arrive... :)

  2. Ha ha, I hate blinds too, they look so nice though just a pain to maintain! I need a job but don't think I am desperate enough to offer to do them for you, for any amount of money, good luck In you search and with the challenge x

  3. I cheat and use the soft fuzzy tool on the end of my vacuum hose. They still go way too long between dustings, but really, what an abominable chore!

    Your D word reminds me of a conversation I had this week with my daughter. She works at a manufacturing plant and they apparently "harvest" their dust to keep the place clean. She heard me saying that her dad would be wanting to invest in a dust catching system for his shop one of these days and she thought he was going to save the dust for projects. She asked if he wanted her to check into getting some of the dust from work... Yeah, NO! :) Happy D day!

  4. Please, send this wonderful person my way! I hate dusting. I'm hoping the job will fall to the kids when they're a little older but not too old to think of it as work. :)

  5. Dusting is stupid. Whoever invented dust, anyway?!

  6. I need to get to my ceiling fan blades before I need it. Otherwise we will start sneezing like crazy.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  7. I'm willing to pay the same at my house! LOL! I also hate dusting!

    The Write Soil

  8. Unfortunately I'm allergic to dust. But I'm will to come over and bring coffee and cookies while someone else dusts :D

    (*waves* Found you through A-Z)

  9. I was just talking to Hubby the other day about wanting to get vertical blinds for our sliding deck door. Thanks for reminding me of their major drawback. I am not grateful enough to come dust your blinds, but I could probably be persuaded to ship you some coffee and chocolate chips so you're ready to pay whoever does show up to dust them. ;)

  10. Great blog, glad I came to visit. I am still searching for an obsessive compulsive housemate who must clean everything, but none of them will even come inside my house.

  11. Where. Do. I. Sign. Up?

    Paying in cookies? Oh, heck ya!

    I have those stupid slats, too. I have the problem solved however: I don't dust them. :D

    Love your short posts. Hope mine don't feel long winded!

    See you Friday!

    Waiter, drink please!

  12. Oh for a cleaner who works for cake! I don't mind a cleaning blitz once in a while, but hate the fact that 5 minutes later it looks exactly the same!!!

    Hopped over from A-Z,if you need me I'll be doing that instead of cleaning. In fact, I'll be doing ANYTHING else instead of cleaning...


  13. Paying with cookies is an interesting idea! Good post. Stopped via the A to Z Challenge. Good Luck!

  14. Oh my! SOOO with you! Those mini-blinds are the worst! Once every 3 years (yikes!) we take them down, lay them in the yard and hose them off. Then drape them over the clothesline to dry. Ridiculous. I think wider, vertical blinds might be easier, but who knows? Dusting is a pain! I can usually write my name on the surface of the furniture. :-)
    from The Dugout