Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blast From The Past

This morning I had an idea that I needed a basket and I knew where the perfect one was.  I plucked it from the tip top scary shelf in my closet (the one where I am positive spiders are congregating) and was pleased to discover it only held dust, one pair of black 'bad' angel wings, and a plastic bag of letters.

I dumped everything out on my desk and ran out the door with my basket, figuring I'd sort through the letters and feathers later.

And I wouldn't have at all, except, I wanted clean sheets on my bed and I always stack my pillows on my desk and I saw the letters (and feathers) and I decided to take a moment to open an envelope to see what it was.

Turns out, it is a collection of letters our kids sent my husband when he was deployed nine years ago.  I brought the letters out to the family and we sat down, reading and laughing and reminiscing and were reminded once again, our kids are really clever.

I love the unsolvable guessing games they made up and sent to their dad, I love the 'translations' I tried to sneak into their envelopes so Dad would be able to understand little kid handwriting and I love the pictures they drew.  I like the one our daughter drew of our son strangling her, and my husband loves the one our son drew of terrorists.

The kids wrote about their every day life, about sisters crying over something silly, about wanting to see a certain movie.  They asked questions, how are you and what does your TV look like, and stated facts like they knew Dad wouldn't be home for their birthdays, but every letter started and ended with love.

I'm pretty darn proud of these kids....then and now.