Monday, June 25, 2012

All I Need

Creativity is a fickle thing
I'm not feeling clever or witty or funny
My mind rolls around
Searching out the dusty corners
Desperate for an idea....
Any idea....
And I've come to the decision
I'm uninspired tonight
All I want is a glass of ice water
And a good book
And the fan blowing right on me
And maybe a dog or two sharing the couch
And "the ashtray, the remote control, the paddle game, and this magazine and the chair."
That's all I need.


  1. I hear ya! There are days when the ideas just don't come. The best thing to do really is...just take a break!

  2. Yes I too get days when I can't think of anything to write about. So I just read other peoples and comment.


  3. Oh, I can definitely relate!

  4. ice water + good book + fan blowing right on me = heaven, inspiration or no.

  5. Spot on. I'd settle for a comfy chair and a book any day, after the witty and entertaining blogs I am trying to catch up on that is ;-)