Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pop The Cork, My Dear

I know I'm going home soon
One week shy of 60 wedded years
I've still got time for one more toast
So pop the cork, my dear
Let's celebrate our years

We've been blessed and we've been lucky
Even through some trails and tears
This is just another grand adventure
I'll be waiting for you, my dear
Just around the bend

I've lived my life to the fullest
I'll go with few regrets
The one, of course, is leaving you
Lift high your glass, my dear
And wipe away your tears

Kiss me once for all our love
Once more for our good life
Then hold my hand as I hold yours
Fill my glass again, my dear
We'll drink this bottle dry

I wrote this after hearing a co-workers story of a father in law on hospice, and the honest truth from his doctor that the end was not too far away.  He asked his wife to open the champagne, and they shared a glass (or two), he called all of his children and spent the last few hours surrounded by family, blessed to the end.


  1. That story is so sweet as is the poem. Lovely.

  2. This is beautiful. I love the idea of having some champagne to almost celebrate the home-going. What a lovely way to sign off.

  3. What a touching story--and your poem is lovely.

  4. What a beautiful tribute.

    That is the way I want to go, with a celebration of my life.

  5. Eloquent, Michelle. Well-played!