Sunday, June 24, 2012

From A Mountain To A Mole Hill

The dirty clothes hamper is always full.  Sometimes I am on top of it, or near as, and it's just a little mole hill of a chore.

And sometimes I am not even close to scaling the Mt. Everest of laundry, and it takes over the corner of the room.  Clothes that missed the hamper aren't worth complaining about because the hamper is full anyway, and the missed the hamper pile grows and grows and suddenly I am literally climbing the mountain to get to the closet it is blocking.

This is one of those Mt. Everest times.  It didn't help that I'd gotten behind last weekend, when we went camping, or that one of the kids brought down all the dirty clothes that carpeted her bedroom floor, or that everyone and his brother showered at our house and towels were handed out like Halloween candy.

The washing machine is chugging away, the must-wash-I'm-out-articles of clothing are done and folded and I've only missed 2 quarters and a cell phone in the pocket check.

The quarters sparkle and the cell phone lived up to it's promise of being water proof!

This mountain is back down to a mole hill and that is a very good thing.


  1. I actually like washing and the like. Lovely fresh clothes,
    Have a wonderful day.


  2. i don't mind the laundry until i get behind!

  3. How is it that you make even laundry seem so very interesting? I couldn't stop

  4. I'll see your mountain and raise you a mountain range lol. Just when I think I have excavated enough to reach mole hill proportions something happens and it's like a mountain erupting from a fault line.

    Thanks for the smile and knowledge that I am not the only one!