Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Cereal Craze

I wish there was a manual with feeding instructions for teenagers, a schedule that would help with grocery shopping.

For example: these three weeks, buy extra bacon.  Bacon will be cooked for every meal and snack.  Followed by weeks of a terrible bread shortage, as in, a loaf will disappear in a day (and no, it wasn't because the dogs took it).    The need for fruit snacks, goldfish crackers and pudding cups will alternate, just have a box of each on hand at all times.

That sort of manual would be very helpful in this situation.  Three days ago, I bought 4 boxes of cold cereal.  Four boxes lasts two weeks.

Or it would have, except there is a cereal craze going on here, and every box I checked (including the boring  cereal!) has about 1/4 cup left in the bottom.  I should have been forewarned when I came home and saw the number of cereal bowls lining the counter, or this morning when I saw boys lined up in the kitchen and at the table, all with bowls of cereal, but I still had no idea how much cereal was being eaten until I picked up four almost empty boxes.....

Some days I do not mind tossing it all in a bowl and trying a new flavor combination, but today was not one of those days.  I'll have toast, thank you very much!


  1. But I know you're glad that your children's friends congregate at your house, aren't you?! Even if the cereal doesn't last long :)

  2. I remember those days! My husband used to remark that we needed to buy a cow, b/c the milk consumption was so great!

  3. In our house, it's the hubby who gobbles all the cereal. Of course, my kids are still small. I'm sure I'll have more culprits soon. :)

  4. My sons (ages 13 and 11) go through these crazes, too. I had to laugh about the 1/4 cup of cereal in the bottom of the box. No one in my house but me will finish off anything besides milk. One ounce of juice left in the pitcher, two drops of salad dressing in the bottle.... :-)

    I hope you enjoyed your toast!

  5. My childrens friends were always coming in right on meal times but it was good to see my children happy.


  6. my husband will mix cereals--but i am with you--i love toast!

  7. Now I feel lucky that my girls think it is fun to mix cereals :-)