Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Place I'd Like To Shop....Maybe.

I've read a lot about Goodwill outlets, the place were things that did not sell in a regular Goodwill get one more chance.  There are huge bins of merchandise that you dig through.  I've heard it's crazy, cut throat, serious bargain hunters only, and you buy items by the pound.

I've also heard you might need gloves and a mask, if you are even a little bit of a germaphobe.

I'm not sure I am a germaphobe exactly, but while my daughter was sick on the couch yesterday, in between taking care of her, I was sanitizing every single thing she might have touched.  If I touched the glass she was currently using, I immediately washed my hands.

And I sanitized things like the TV remote and the telephone again today.

So while I think I'd like to visit the Goodwill outlet, and am positive good deals are waiting for me there, I can't get past the part where everyone who has ever been to one says it is very dirty.

If I need gloves to shop, I don't think it's the right place for me!

But even as I wrote that, I wondered what it would be like to try it once....

It's a place I'd like to shop.  Maybe!


  1. I've never heard of such a thing? Wow!

    We have 3 big Salvation Army thrift stores & a St. Vincent de Paul store (all of which I visit fairly often) but nothing to fight over / disinfect over!

    Hope your daughter feels better!

  2. Our oldest loves to shop there and any other garage sale, estate sale, or whatever. She lives the life of reuse, repurpose, resell.

  3. I am still chuckling at the line about needing gloves to shop, and that possibly there is something wrong with this picture. Adventure in shopping!

  4. I didn't know Goodwill had outlets. You learn something new every day, I guess. :)

    I don't worry about touching things as much as I worry about my allergies. Whenever I walk into a store like that, my allergies kick in, and I have trouble breathing. That would be my concern with the outlets, but that being said, I'd probably try them at least once! :)

  5. i know how you feel--i don't usually use things like used dishes or such--but once i found the cutest Christmas clear coffee mugs there, and i use them every year!

  6. I've never heard of a Goodwill outlet store. They already seem pretty "outlet" to me. If you ever decide to go, I hope you'll let us know about it!

  7. I just visited the local regular Goodwill, but they are remodeling and everything was in bins and tubs and stacked all over crazy. If that was even a slight indication of how the Outlet is, yikes!

  8. Greetings!

    I'm trying to visit all the participants of the 2012 A to Z Challenge and I have arrived at your lovely blog. Good luck with the rest of the year!

    Donna L Martin

  9. I love thrift shops! You can always wash your hands and the clothes you buy when you get home. Try it!

  10. Did you go? We're there any bargains to be had? Was it as bad as you thought it would be? Sorry, so intrigued!