Monday, June 4, 2012

Good News!

I heard good news today!  After several smallish goofs at work, I admitted to my coworkers that I was just not firing on all cylinders.....And they agreed they weren't either.  Good news!  It wasn't just me!

We all had a case of the Mondays...and no, in our workplace, saying that will not get your tush kicked.  Saying that will have us all nodding in agreement and understanding, for a case of the Mondays is truly a dreadful, horrible thing.

It makes you forget how to talk so instead of answering the phone in a human way, you might make some sort of  coughing, clicking sounds and have the person on the other end of the line ask confusedly, "Is this the doctor's office?"

Yes, it is.  Sorry.  Let's blame it on the Mondays!


  1. As one who is gaining a fair amount of practice, not firing on all cylinders, I say, "Welcome, and let's join the human race." I kind of worry about the individual who always purrs along on all cylinders, all of the time...

  2. I am familiar with that syndrome - scary to think that it might be catchy!

  3. I blame lots of things on Monday :)

  4. I'm only too familiar with this syndrome. :)

    Hope today is going better!

  5. Hence I am glad to be starting my new job on a Wednesday, thank heaven for bank holiday Mondays :-)

    I hope your Tuesday got better!