Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday With A Monday Kind of Feel

Today is Tuesday,
Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
With a Monday kind of feel
Slow going
Can't believe the weekend's over
Too many days to count till the next one coming
Ready for bed
Right after I get up
But I persevere
And I get myself together
And I go to work and run errands and walk the dogs and cook dinner
And I listen to the kids and I trade stories with the hubster
And I'm still ready for bed all day long
9:30pm seems just right for a goodnight
On this Tuesday with a hint of Monday


  1. I read this on a Wednesday so felt even more confused, Great post.


  2. I have said before that being retired means every night is Friday, and every morning Saturday. But I remember more than a few Tuesdays, that had a Monday feel to them. And a few Wednesdays... As always, I enjoy your poetry!

  3. i loved it---i know there are just certain feels to certain days, huh :)

  4. I certainly know this feeling... :)

  5. :-) after having had just such a day. Lol