Friday, June 29, 2012

Why I Have An Empty Bucket

I have washed and saved a plastic tub that held an insane amount of only okay ice cream.  I have no where to store  it really, but I'm saving it because it has a wonderful handle attached to it.

I have it sitting where I can see it every day, and every day I think I should just recycle it, but every day I don't.  You never know, I tell myself, you never know when you'll need a just right sized bucket with a sturdy handle.

It's perfect for berry picking, that's for sure, and while I haven't gone out hunting for wild mountain blackberries in a while, that is only because no one has found a good patch hereabouts.

But if I got that call, the call of discovery, I have a perfect bucket to grab as I run out the door.

And you can bet your sweet patootie, I'd be running!

So I will keep this empty bucket on standby, just in case.  It'll work great for blueberries or raspberries too, if the elusive wild mountain blackberry remains elusive again this year.


  1. Hope your empty bucket soon gets filled.


  2. I have one or two of those buckets myself. I hope you're able to fill yours soon. Happy Saturday!

  3. haha it does sound like you are making good use of it :)

  4. I save containers like that too...plastic veggie containers are great as well. They're good for placing cookies in for a sick friend/new mom, etc. Recycling!

  5. I would keep it too. Oh, how about picking cherry tomatoes, or herbs or, love a good bucket/basket to fill.