Monday, July 9, 2012

Deal Of The Day

My husband has formed a relationship with the Snap-on Tool guy.  The guy comes to the shop, his van full of gadgets and gizmos and whirly-gigs and everything is high end, top quality with the price tag to prove it. 

I am okay with my husband buying some tools from the Snap-on guy, and if it feels like he is buying something every week, well, I'm sure that's my imagination!  He's got to fill up his giant tool chest somehow.

But I have never been excited about his purchases.  Boring tools, with a free hat thrown in on occasion, but nothing that I used or wanted.  Until now.

When my husband brought home these plastic cups, I was quick to classify them as junk and figured they'd clutter up our already cluttered cupboard.  I wasn't going to use one because I have a water bottle which never leaves my side and have no need for a cup.

It all changed, of course, when I saw my husband enjoying his ice water in this cup.  The ice clinked so nicely against the cup and the shape looked like it would be perfect for my hand, and my husband graciously let me drink most of his ice water and then refilled his cup and filled a second one for me.  It is just right on a hot summer night.

Thanks, Snap-on Tool guy!  Finally, something from Snap-on that I can enjoy, and free with the purchase of a $350 tool.  What a deal!


  1. That kind of deal is hard to beat :) Where else are you going to find a cool cup like that? No where but the Snap-On Tool guy, that's where!

  2. Yes it is a hard deal to beat. I always have a bottle of water at hand and think I will stick with it as we don't have a Snap On Tool guy here.


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