Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two Nervous Dogs + One July 4th

Our oldest dog doesn't love fireworks, but she doesn't have a massive freak out either.  But our other two dogs turn into baskets cases as soon as they hear the first pop-it on the first day of July.  This year I'd spent the morning of the 4th cleaning the house (I don't know, I just felt like I'd celebrate better if the house was clean!) and I put fresh sheets on our bed.  And then since I love fresh sheets, I shut the bedroom door so the girls couldn't get in and make a mess of things.

The girls didn't know what to do with themselves when the louder booms started and they couldn't get into my room.  Eventually they found their way upstairs and holed up in the kid's bedrooms, and we did not see them again for hours and hours.

Today, my daughter discovered what two nervous dogs plus one July 4th pee in her room.

On the upside (and there is a real one) my daughter decided she had to do some laundry immediately because of the pee.  And then she decided that she might as well sort out all the laundry and actually do some.  Then she cleaned the house, folded laundry and ironed!

Needless to say, she and I went out to dinner tonight.


  1. Interesting that we heard nary a single firecracker this year. It's already tinder-dry, up here on the mountain. However, when the neighbors on the next parcel start target practicing, then we see our two dogs go into their act. So hard for our hound-friends.

  2. I have an idea. Go buy some fireworks and stash them. Whenever you think you'd like a day off from laundry chores, crank those boomers up get the dogs a peeing! lol

  3. Fireworks and dogs don't agree, I once had a dog who was terrified of them. Enjoyed the read.


  4. Yes, poor little babies. I hate them too.