Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Brain

There comes a point every year, about right now, that I get a gigantic case of Summer Brain.

My whole focus is how to get the stuff I've got to do done so I can do what I want to do....which is not one darn thing.

It might not be a hot summer for us so far, but I've still got the mind set of summer: nothing a good book, the hammock, and dinner grilling can't solve!

This is all to explain why I'm not as faithfully writing as I usually am.  Summer calls and my brain melts a little.  All in a good way, of course!


  1. Boiling hot here in Florida. I actually burned my palms on the steering wheel in my car today!! Enjoy summer brain mode :)

  2. I hear ya. I need school to start so I can get back on a schedule. By August, I'm too aimless.!

  3. We've certainly hit the heat here but I'm just fine with that, although it doesn't allow me to utilize the hammock like I would like. Soon it will cool down though.

  4. you are so right--i haven't thought of it but it is so true--great truth :)