Monday, July 23, 2012

The "Winter" Quilt

There was a brief period of time this "summer" that the "winter" quilt was not on our bed.  I took it off last weekend when my husband was out of town and couldn't complain too much about freezing to death.  We lasted a week without it, although the quilt was within arms reach on my husbands side of the bed.

But last night it was cold.  I even turned off the fans and closed windows, put on my thick sweatshirt and wrapped up in a blanket.  For a moment, I was worried that I was coming down with an illness, because I am never cold like that!

When we went to bed and lay shivering under the thin blanket, I asked my husband if he thought we needed the quilt and he said absolutely positively yes.  It was quickly thrown over us and it was very nice.

Not sure how the rest of this summer is going to warm up, but I've given up on putting away the quilt!  The only thing I haven't changed my mind on is the furnace is off.  Thus the sweatshirt and warm socks being worn by me as I sit here on this freezing early morning!


  1. *sigh*

    I ran away to a tropical place that is in the middle of winter. I can honestly say that there were days there that were so much warmer than this "summer" I've come back to. Michelle, this side of the world that we live in is quite a funny place...

  2. I have given up having a 'winter' quilt as it just stays on the bed 12 months of the year ;-)