Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yummy Compromises

Tonight my daughter and I sat outside at the table eating dinner on the patio, enjoying the cool evening and a very yummy Thai curry that she had made.

She asked if I had noticed that she had made a sacrifice and included celery in the curry, even though she doesn't think it belongs, because I like it?  I said yes, and did she notice that I had made a sacrifice and agreed to tofu in the curry instead of chicken because she is a vegetarian now?

Turns out our compromises made a wonderful dinner! I may have licked the serving spoon after I put the leftovers away.....


  1. So it's working then. I am so pleased to see tolerance and acceptance of different approaches to health and diet. These are the kinds of compromises that will allow you and your adult children to thrive and maintain closeness.

  2. Yay for alfresco dinning and yummy left overs ;-)