Friday, July 13, 2012

The True Story Of the Moth

We seem to have more moths in our car than the average person, but I know that the fault lies with us.  We tend to be lazy folks, who leave car windows open and convertible tops down and in Washington State, that is risky business.  Not just because of the occasional spider or moth or roaming midnight cat, but because chances are great that it will rain and your seat will be wet, both the cars and yours.

Yet, we still leave the car open.

My son and daughter picked me up from work the other day and as we step outside my son says, "Full disclosure, there is a giant moth in the car."

Giant?  Like freakishly huge?  I look at the car and my daughter is standing outside of it.  I asked where the moth was and they shrugged.  First it had been on the dashboard, then it went under the drivers seat, then it went under the passenger seat and who knows where it is now.

After some banging around and searching, the moth remained hidden.  My son drove because he was pretty sure if the moth flew out at me while I was driving, I'd forget I was driving and flail and scream.  He's probably right.

The moth remains unfound.  I'm choosing to believe that it waited until we left the car, with the windows down, and took off to star in the moth land version of "I Shouldn't Have Survived."

That said, I'm not really interested in getting back in the car for awhile.  I think I'll just walk.


  1. I totally would have freaked if I had been driving and a moth would have flown across my face. Good thing your son had enough sense to drive :)

  2. i used to be afraid of them but i not any longer--now if it was another creature, which i am so freaked out by i can't even name it---then i would have been lucky to stay on the rode :)

  3. I think moths know the best way to freak humans out is to flutter right in our faces. When I was a kid, my sister made me sleep in the top bunk during moth season because they were always hanging out near the ceiling. Thankfully, I was not too scarred by this experience :-)

  4. I wouldn't be able to drive w/ an active bug in the car. As tiny as they can be, they spook me when they buzz/flap close. The thing is...I know they are more scared of us than we are of them!

  5. Even though I'm not bothered by moths now I am sure I would freak if one flew near me whilst driving. I did go through a stage of plotting a story based on fairies who's wings were that of moths, I spent ages looking at pictures of different species, maybe that is why they don't bother me any more.

    PS very thoughtful of your son to drive!