Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And For That, I Am Not A Fan

If I wasn't in a class where I did not go by "Michelle C" in order to differentiate from the other Michelle, then I must have been dreaming, because the reality of my school years was sharing my name with several other girls.

In high school there were 4 in our class , plus several in the grades ahead and behind.

It was a popular name.

As popular as Michael? No. We had 9 in our class alone.

Was I sometimes called Michael by a teacher who glanced at the roll call and read my name without really reading it? Oh yes.

Let's not even get started on how many Jennifers I went to school with!

But I blame the popularity of my name on the simple fact that in the late 60's, the Beatles came out their "Michelle My Belle" song and I have had people through out my life sing it to me and one teacher in the 8th grade sang it every day when I walked in the room, and for that, I am not a die-hard Beatles fan.

I really hate that song.

My daughter has always had obsessive passions for things.  For years it was The Wizard of Oz, and she collected Oz everything and there was never a question as to what she would dress up for on Halloween.  Now, in her maturity, she loves and adores The Beatles.  All things Beatles.  Her room is postered with pictures of them, and she has arranged all of her vinyl records for display.

Guess what her newest album has on it?  Yep.  My favorite song!


  1. "Rubber Soul," 1965. It's so automatic. Beginning high school in 1966, one of the most out-a-sight experiences, was waiting for the next Beatles album to be released. Heady days, and yes, I tried singing the lyrics [the French ones of course) with a "Michelle" once, you know, to impress her? The eye-roll I got was hall-of-fame material.

  2. I can picture that album, Rubber Soul. It was one of my less favorite albums of theirs - I'm a more "She Loves You" girl. And, by the way, I really could not stand, Michelle My Belle - although, I, too, loved the part in French :)

  3. There are a few Sarah songs too - Sarah Smile by Hall & Oates is a biggie. But the classic story I have is about Sara by Airplane (?) that came out around 1990 or a bit earlier. I was dating a guy the summer of 1991 who proudly told me he'd heard "my" song at work - I said "which one?" and he said, you know the one, and sang: "Sara, Sara, the stones are ruining your eyes ..." OMG! I laughed out loud right in his face (or perhaps his ear, I may have heard this by phone), how about "storms are brewin' in your eyes?"

  4. Alas, I did not get Rubber Soul. I really, really, really wanted (and still do want) it, but it seems to be impossible to find! So I got "The Beatles: 1963-1966" and "The Beatles: 1967-1970". Although, I am pleased with this find, for it has opened my eyes to all the glory that is "Nowhere Man" and "Girl" :P

  5. Mark: I am afraid I've been very guilty of the eye-roll when it comes to this song!

    Judy: I'd almost (almost, but not quite) rather listen to "A Yellow Submarine" instead of 'my' song!

    Sarah: Misquoted lyrics, classic! I used to believe Kenny Rogers sang a song about Lucille, with 400 children...turns out it was just 4 hungry children!

  6. I have a fairly long and unusual first AND last (maiden) name that were routinely butchered by teachers. Due to the length of my last name, my first name was often cut-off by computer programs with not enough character spaces. My first name ends in "e" and in first grade, I put the "e" on there, and my teacher actually argued with me because on the roll sheets, the "e" had not fit so she told me I was spelling my name wrong.

    There are no songs that I know of with my exact name in them, but my sisters (Sherry and Sheila) have tons of favorite un-favorites to choose from. :)