Monday, January 16, 2012

The Only Time To Wake Him Up Early

My kids are typical teenagers in regards to sleep.  They like it.  They sleep on a school day until I wake them up, and on a day we have nothing planned, they will sleep till lunch.  I'm a firm believer in sleep, so if I don't have to wake them up, I'm not going to.

Last night, as my husband and I were headed to bed, our son and his friend were settled in for a long night of a new computer game that has even sucked my husband in.  We said good night and don't forget to turn off the lights and he said he would and oh, by the way, if it snows in the night, and it's not just a dusting, please wake up him when we get up so he can see it.

Wait, what?  We're getting up early.  Yes.  He knows.  Wake him up please.

Okay.  Apparently, the only time when it's okay to wake up our teenage son at an "ungodly" hour, when there is no school, church or work, is on a snow day.   I'm currently sipping my morning coffee, listening to some classic country, with the blinds pulled up so I can see the snowy yard, and my son is awake and talking to me.

It's nice.  I usually don't get excited about snow but today, I'm thinking I'm changing my mind.  This quiet moment with just him is perfect.


  1. Beautiful! I know what you mean. I have a 13 year old son and I cherish those moments of just he and I.

  2. Yes, I noted your quote, "I usually don't get excited about snow…" Being from SoCal, I used to get excited about snow, but now I live in an area where snow is an ongoing reality, and one that makes day-to-day existence, that much tougher. Snow is a young person's game. Snow is the guest who overstays his welcome.

  3. Love, love, love when son chooses to hang out with Mom. You are blessed. And enjoy the snow.

    1. Thanks! I've enjoyed it so far, but I've spent most of our shared time looking at it through the window, with the furnace keeping the inside of our house toasty!