Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Eat My Cookie First

I do not believe in saving my cookie for dessert.  Why should I wait?  What if I eat my salad and my apple and when I'm finished, I'm too full?  I'd rather start off with a cookie, while I'm hungry and savoring every single crumb.

But, I also do not believe in saving my cookie for lunch or dinner.  If I have cookies in the house, I'll eat one with breakfast.  Or for breakfast, depending on how fast time has run out and if I'm in a race to see if I get to work on time.

Some more shocking news: I don't care if my kids follow in my cookie footsteps.  Of course, lately our cookies have all been oatmeal and that makes it feel more breakfasty, but even if it's a chocolate chocolate chocolate cookie, and I spy a kid eating one as they walk out the door for school, well, that's okay.

I feel less guilt then when I sit down with mine!


  1. My grani [my verification word] always said, "Eat, honey, eat. You never know if you'll be alive tomorrow to eat it."

    I take my elder's advice to heart.

    Unfortunately my mother's not so much in accordance...

    1. That is going to be my new motto! I'm thinking of writing it out to tape to the fridge. Thanks, Larissa!

  2. Listen, we've occasionally passed Rice Krispie treats off as breakfast. They're cereal, after all. :)