Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Door Is Always Open And The Laughter Is Free

My dream of having lots of children has actually come true.  Sure, I can only claim two on my taxes, but our house is always full of kids!  If it's just the four of us sitting down for dinner, I am surprised and shocked.  The kid's friends know they can come in, any time, even if we aren't here.  I stock the cupboards with the extra kids in mind.

A snow day today meant a party last night.  My daughter had two friends over, and they went off sledding, ending downtown for french fries at a local diner.  My son's friends came trooping into the house after 9:30, and the fun really got started.  We could hear the laughter, the chatter, the music, the friendship.

When they came clomping down the stairs at 10:30pm, and started putting on boots and coats and gloves, I was getting ready for bed.  Where did they think they were going?  Oh, you know, outside to play football.  Where?  Our yard.

Watch out for dog poop, I said.  They laughed and went out to play.

I went to bed with a smile on my face.  Our house is that house, where hanging out is fun and the parents are kind of cool, the food is plentiful, the door is always open and the laughter is free.  And loud.  The laughter is so very loud!


  1. :) I wanna be like that when I grow up.

  2. Thanks! I've been lucky to have kids with great friends!

  3. At our house on Fellowship Street, it was always like that. With nine kids, there were always strays for dinner, and no adjustments had to be made in the preparation of the meals. Up here on the ridge, we had visitors when the boys were still in the house, but they always came for weekends, and returned to town on Monday morning. Less spontaneous, but equally enjoyable, especially in the snow, because they don't often get it in town.