Friday, January 6, 2012

Why I Need A Mini Flat-Iron At Work

I could have easily titled this post "Why I Wish I Didn't Have Bangs" because that is the root of the problem.  My bangs have a crazy, curly mind of their own and the only thing that keeps the cowlicks tamed and the curl from q-ing is a flat iron. Before, when I didn't walk to work, it was fine.  The last thing I'd do before I left the house was iron my bangs into smoothness and jump in the car, secure in the knowledge that the weather would not have time to wreck havoc.  Now, I may smooth my bangs, but by the time I've walked to work my bangs look like this: 
 And this is actually a good day.

I'd give up on bangs entirely except for one thing:

Yep, as my daughter says when I do clip my bangs back, "No."  I do not have the forehead for a bangless look.  I wish I did, though, because in addition to cowlicks and curl that refuse to let my bangs to anything but tweak and feather, bangs need to be trimmed every few weeks.  My family really hates it when I trim my own hair because it leads to a crazy time where I can't help but trim a few stray hairs every time I see myself in a mirror, and then moan over the fact that I've cut my hair and it looks like I've cut my own hair.

So I'm sticking with bangs, sticking with the occasional freak out over trimming them myself, sticking with walking to work.....and that leads to the fact that if I had a mini flat iron tucked away in my desk, it would take a minute for my bangs to come back to this:
I've given up the need to have the smoothest pony tail hair in the world, but I will never give up my desire for straighter bangs!

Photo's courtesy of my daughter, with her artistic flare and guaranteed willingness to snap pictures off as fast as the camera will allow, and for looking at said pictures and saying I maybe should try smiling without so much crazy eye......


  1. Your daughter definitely has photog talent :). And if I had straight-on bangs they would be the same way!

  2. Judy has already heard my story of how I came to be the only person alive, who is allowed to cut Annie's hair. I think a certain daughter, who has such excellent control over a camera, might be the perfect candidate for the job of bangs trimmer, but what do I know?

  3. I used to have bangs and still miss them sometimes especially since I'm rocking a pretty similar forehead to yours. I have a weird salon phobia situation, though and haven't had anything done to my hair since 2001. I just yank it back and avoid the mirror. I figure when I do finally cave, the forehead will be the prime motivating factor.