Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Still Get Butterflies

Our kids told us something shocking.  They don't think my husband and myself are still "in love."  Sure, we love each other, but in love?  They don't think so.  We've been together 21 years, and our kids believe that the romantic stage of 'in love' just doesn't last forever.  Being in love turns to just love, and that's okay with them.


I disagree.  I still am giddy with anticipation, counting down the minutes till my husband gets home.  I can see him across the room and become flushed with pride that this handsome guy is mine.  There is that smile he has when he looks at me, and I know he thinks I am the most beautiful girl in the world.   I'm still amazed that his hand was designed to hold mine.

I am so in love with my husband that being apart is brutal and sitting together is heaven.  He can tell the same story over and over and I will pretend it's the first time I've ever heard it.  He brings me flowers for no reason and I keep them until they dry (and then I'll save some petals in jar that has been saving petals for 21 years).  I think he's funny and he thinks I'm funny and together we know how to laugh even during hardships.

I still get butterflies when I think of him.

If that's not being 'in love' than I don't want to know what is.  I don't think I could survive much more intense romantic feelings than what I live with day to day!


  1. (:
    Beautiful. Glad for you.
    Hey, 21 years? You've been married just as long as my parents have! :D That's cool.

  2. The example you provide for your impressionable young adult offspring, cannot be measured using any technology available today. You will see it in action when the time comes. I find it very gratifying to see my son(s) taking coffee/tea to their respective wives/partners of a morning, and bringing them flowers. I wonder where they picked that up...

  3. We'll be married 25 years this year - I'm not old, really ;). But I think love evolves and it becomes better and more profound - the more experiences you go through together grows love :)

  4. Larissa: Turns out I counted wrong! I've been saving flower petals since we were 14, which was 23 years ago, married for 18 of those. I think it's pretty cool too! Thanks!

    Mark: My MIL often wonders where my husband got his flower giving gene...not from his dad....but he has passed it on to our son (his girl gets really lovely flowers!)

    Judy: I agree! Love grows and gets better and I feel so blessed to have such a good kind of love.

  5. Mom, you know we're just sociopaths. :)

  6. I loved this. Hubby and I have been together 25 years this March (and in July will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary). There have been lots and lots of rough times, but I really think the butterflies thing is at the heart of why we've eventually been able to push through all of it. I don't think any relationship can survive on only butterflies, but I'm not sure how any survive without it.

    1. I agree! Butterflies only would not sustain us, but they make the rough patches worth while....