Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do You Like My New Perfume?

It's called Spray 'n Wash and I may have accidentally drenched myself in it....not to mention the floor too.  My troubles started when I noticed a spot on one of my favorite shirts.  I can't let that go untreated, so I rushed it out to the laundry room.  I grabbed the spray bottle and booyah!  Catastrophe!

The top was not really screwed on the bottle so when I picked it up by the top (of course) it was okay for the second it took for me to move it towards me, then gravity took over and the bottle fell down, spilling most of its contents on its descent, and by the nature of things, all over me.

I picked up the bottle as soon as it landed, but it was all over.  I was wet, the floor was wet, and I stood there staring at the mess in disbelief.  There is that moment when something unexpected happens that I am stuck in shock.  I can't even begin to process how to clean the mess up.

Thank God I have a husband who is the king of cleaning up bad messes.  Kids puke on the floor again?  He's got it.  Dogs sick in their crate?  He's taken care of it.  Wife spills Spray 'n Wash and just stands there staring at the puddle advancing towards the great unknown (otherwise known as under the washer and dryer)?  He grabs the mop and bucket and cleans it up.

I changed my clothes and washed up, but I have a lingering scent of stain remover.....I'm just going to roll with it.  It's my perfume of the day!  And, it's a reminder that makes me smile, remembering how wonderfully helpful my husband is.


  1. Oh, I am the QUEEN of just standing there with my mouth hanging open when something like this happens. And, it's hilarious to me that it was Spray and Wash because I just spilled OxyClean gel pretreater crap ALL over the laundry room floor right before I read this. Laundry disasters are the theme of the day, I guess.

  2. I love that smell! Oooh, I think I just caught a whiff!!

  3. Haha!
    Well, at least you didn't spill your favorite perfume. Which is what I did. I managed to put the small bottle in a plastic bag, inside my suitcase during our trip this summer, and uh..it spilled. :( I was quite upset, but on the upside, most of my clothes were already perfumed!
    I'm with Judy..I actually like that smell!

  4. I was once attacked by a gasoline nozzle thingie. Try surviving one minute smelling of gasoline. Yuck. Had to have that dress dry cleaned but it was never quite the same.

    I'm with everybody else. I like the fresh smell of cleaner.

  5. Let's hear it for husbands who come to the rescue. There were some familiar themes: the dogs, the laundry room…and anything to do with washing dishes. I'm helping…I'm helping.

  6. I like the smell of Spray 'n Wash too, so it wasn't a hardship! And yes, let's hear it for the husbands come to the rescue! My husband added washing dishes to his list of how he rescued me today, and it is much appreciated.

  7. Larissa: I never worry about perfume spilling in my luggage, but I am crazy worried about lotion. I double bag it before I pack it!

  8. At least you don't smell like puke! :)