Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dinner By Mom

Today, an unexpected surprise.  A text from my mom, asking me if I had dinner planned.  She knows I usually have dinner planned, sometimes in the crock pot, anything to make the dreaded witching hour after work of being hungry and tired manageable!

I was planning on a 'dump' chili, as in, I open a bunch of cans, dump them in a pot, and simmer it for 30 minutes.  So, no plans that couldn't be postponed!

And that is how a huge casserole found it's way to my oven.....

What a wonderful thing, to live close enough to Mom that a surprise dinner is an event that totally happens!  And to have a son who can drive over to pick it up, and a daughter who can come home from play practice and put it in the oven!


  1. You must've felt like Queen for a Day--or at least for the evening. ;)

  2. I did. It was a great surprise, and even better that the kids had helped out to have dinner ready when I got home.