Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playing Favorites

Is picking favorites fair?  Not usually in my book.  But I have favorites....I do!....even though I am a firm believer it isn't fair....I have favorites.

I have favorite memories of all my aunts and uncles, of horses saddled up and ridden slow, of the best scrambled eggs in the world, of dune buggies and strobe lights.  I have favorite memories of my cousins, of babysitting days, make believe games, performances put on for parents.  I have favorite memories of my in laws, of camping trips across the country, of New Years Eve parties, of Snapple left as a surprise gift.

But how could I pick just one?

I can't.

So I will pick the family member that has me the most excited, a member of our family that isn't even known (although I have a guess and I've guessed right 13 out of 14 times).....my favorite is a blessing , an expected delight, a new baby.

Niece or Nephew?  We'll know in May!  And right now, when this little peanut is making its presence known, popping out in a cute pregnant tummy, it is my favorite!  It's the joy of a new life, and I am quite beside myself with excitement.

This post inspired by the prompt of the day at NaBloPoMo


  1. This reminds me of a post I did about the little dude that turned out to be my nephew--my sister and brother-in-law's first child after years of trying. We had an ultrasound photo of the baby on the refrigerator and he was briefly known on the blog as fetus-on-the-fridge. There's nothing quite like the excitement of waiting to me a new family member. ;)

    1. Of the seven kids my sisters and I have, I have the only girl. My sister says that everything is planned with this last baby (c-section) and there will be no surprises except who the baby is. The anticipation is huge!