Monday, February 27, 2012

A Perfect Storm Of A Monday

A dog leaped over it's fence to have an aggressive confrontation with the girls and I (it lost).  The truck tire was flat, the motorcycle wouldn't start.  Tupperware and a matching lid for a lunchtime salad could not be found.  Dishes were stacked from last night's party.  The walk to work was so cold.

The computers at work were not firing on all cylinders.  Papers started piling up.  Birthday and sympathy cards were making rounds and inspiration did not flow from my pen. The office was chilly.  So much so, I turned off my mini desk fan (which is NEVER turned off) and I pulled my coat over my legs and cupped a mug of hot coffee and shivered.

Walked home in the cold, and found all those dishes still stacked.

But my husband was fixing the tire.  His motorcycle fired off on the first try.  We laughed at how three smallish dogs scared a much bigger dog off.  We did the dishes together.  He sat on the counter as I put rice on to go with our simmering curry.

And we talked.

And suddenly, all those conditions that had met to create a perfect storm of a Monday, faded away.

It doesn't hurt that he makes a kick ass margarita!