Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When It Rains, It Snows....

Oh wait, that might just be in the Pacific Northwest!

I walked to work today, braved the wind and the cold, and mostly, just had to since we are a three driver family with only two cars.  I got to work with my bangs not too crazy, my skirt stayed modest (the wind has been playing havoc with my skirts) and a brisk, rosy cheeked, chill.

But when I left the office an hour later to run up to the hospital, it was a different story.  It was raining.  Heavy, splattering drops of rain.  Totally do-able.  Up went my trusty old umbrella and onward I trekked.....Only to get halfway there and the rain became less rain and more snow.  Heavy, splattering, wet flakes of snow.

And it was cold!  And the wind threatened to carry my umbrella off, but not me ala Mary Poppins, just the umbrella.  Once inside the hospital I knew I had to go all the way back down to our office.  It was snowraining even harder, of course, and the wind was blowing it UP into my face.

I made it to the office, papers only slightly damp, umbrella still in my possession, thankful for pencil skirts that don't flap around like a can-can dancer and a cup of hot coffee to chase the chill away.

The walk home later wasn't snowy. Just a dumping downpour of rain, soaking me to the skin.

Still glad I walked, though!  Worth every wet minute.  


  1. I'm a little nervous - we're going to Seattle tomorrow and I'm paranoid about Snoqualmie :(. But so glad your skirt didn't fly up - I'm always worried about that when I walk !

  2. We got some of that here too. My friend's back East are enjoying a snow day, I'm trying not to be jealous.

    I admire your willingness to brave such weather.

  3. We had the exact same experience walking to & from school yesterday! No skirts, though. I spent the better part of the day to come up with a word that describes that snow/rain/sleet stuff. And now today... the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and they're all like "What?!"

  4. I didn't walk to work this morning, due to the SNOW that caused a two hour late start....but 8 hours later, it was mostly gone and I walked home. Crazy snow weather!

  5. The weather has definitely been weird all over. We have had way more of that mixed precipitation (slush?) stuff than regular snow this year. And every day or two-long cold snap is followed by warming into the fifties. It's freaking me out a little, I gotta say. Glad you looked at your walk from the bright side. :)