Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lone Buffalo

My husband just told me I'm like that one lone buffalo that stands away from the rest of the herd, chewing my grass and giving huffy snorts to any other buffalo who dare to wander over into my space.  I'm just not a herd animal.

True.  I won't argue that!

I've always been happiest doing my own thing.  I'm not anti-social, exactly, but I have thought I'd do well being a hermit mountain man.

Today's prompt asked if we had a friend who was practically a brother or sister.  I don't.  I have two sisters who have filled that sibling roll so very nicely, and even better, they fill the friend roll perfectly.  I don't have to explain anything about me because they know it already.  We like the same sort of movies and books and can spend hours discussing anything that pops into our minds.

We do get into arguments, we are human after all!  But we also know how to forgive and move on.  Although, we probably will never play Pictionary again, that's okay.  We have so many other games to choose from!

And this huffy Buffalo is okay sharing my lovely green grass with my fellow huffy sister Buffalo......

This post is inspired by the daily prompt at NaBloPoMo


  1. wow, i am so like that buffalo, as well! Not anti-social, but just totally content to be at home and with the family! long live the buffalo!

  2. Yep, pictionary is never to be played again, but so far bananagrams seeps to be okay! Love this post!

  3. It is very dangerous being a lone buffalo. The herd is the best form of protection. The wolves will get you one day. Or the buffalo hunter.

    Wives and husbands never argue. It is an urban legend that arguments take place in families. Only at the terminal stages of a relationship does one mate make a negative noise. Much as the Swan who only sounds once in their lives.

  4. I too am a contented buffalo who isn't anti-social per se, but doesn't mind hermiting either.

    Buffalos are great.

  5. I can count the number of my close friends, over the course of my life, on the fingers of one hand. It makes for an interesting post. By the way, I have gone as long as seven weeks, without leaving the mountain, but those days are gone now. No fear.